Welcome to Adventure!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

I believe that the very purpose for life is adventure—that most people give up, compromise and settle into a life of routine and predictability because they perceive a risk in believing in themselves, in their ambitions and their dreams. Most people believe adventure and fortune belong to those who, through fate or circumstance, are chosen to experience the things that the rest can only jealously imagine.

In reality, we are all a single decision away from our first or next adventure. It only involves raising our heads and realizing that we are standing on a precipice that bridges imagination and possibility, inspiration and actualization, dreaming and living.

It is a precarious place to be, in such an ethereal realm, unsure if our feet are still on solid earth, where gravity imprisons most would-be adventurers. In order to break the bonds that limit what we can dream and where we can go, we have to dispense with conventional thinking and realize that limitations exist only where we give them leave. We have only to decide to leap, filled with hope and determination, into the unknown height and depth and breadth of adventure!

My name is Marcus McGee, and this is my personal invitation to you who are visiting for the first time, an ongoing appeal to those curious or inspired souls who have returned to explore more. Spend a few moments with me today. Leave the mundane concerns of life behind. Suspend convention to begin an adventure with me.

This is a place for sharing, so more than merely reading the stories here, it is important to me for you to share yours, with me and with our fellow adventurers. In the meantime, I am a soul who writes, so there will always be something new here to read and explore, and I will always be willing to share an exchange with you.

I write thrillers, novellas, short stories, poetry, essays, dramatic works, commentaries and a blog, but I am the publisher at Pegasus Books and have recently begun working in project development for the film industry. Some of the clients I work with are, by the world’s standards, highly successful people who seem to have it all—beautiful homes, yachts, successful businesses and remarkable incomes, and yet I see the same longing and dissatisfaction in these people as I see in anyone.

On the other side of what most ambitious persons strive for is much of the same ennui from the place they left. This is because money and possessions are an illusion. The human soul seeks adventure, and on that life-altering day of reflection when the weight of mortality is heaviest, then material things, power and politics are irrelevant, and we are left pondering who we really were, where we’ve gone and what we did when we were there. Nothing else matters.

So today, I present a dual opportunity: one—for the freedom to fly, if you falsely feel that the best years of your life are behind you, and two—for your legacy, if you have dared to live life with passion… and you have not shared, have never set your adventures in art and words.

Audaces fortuna iuvat! Just as you cannot step into the same river twice, this website will always be changing—there will always be something new here for you to explore. Please take the time to write me a quick note to let me know that you visited, and make sure to save this website in your Favorites folder!