An Old Negro Spiritual

An African American/Kwanzaa-related version of “A Christmas Carol,” with Clarence Thomas as “Scrooge,” about the generous Spirit of Justice

Rated PG – “Pure Genius!”ONS Beta Readers, 2020

With subtle a nod to Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and the spirit of charity, McGee’s “An Old Negro Spiritual” is the story of a judge, Thomas Dolittle, who is visited by his deceased predecessor, Marshall, who tells him he will be visited by three haints: Injustice Past, Injustice Present and Injustice Yet-to-Come. A story about injustice in America, in the spirit of justice.

During mid-January, Judge Thomas Dolittle is visited by the haint of Marshall, his predecessor, who expresses great regret for not doing more for Justice in his position as a judge, and Marshall warns Dolittle of the dire consequences involved in failing a legacy. He tells Dolittle that he can save himself, but that he will be visited by three haints, those of Injustice Past, Injustice Present and Injustice Yet-to-Come.

In his dreams that night, Dolittle meets Pathos (Injustice Past), Logos (Injustice Present) and Ethos (Injustice Yet-to-Come), setting upon a poignant journey into the history and present state of injustice in America. On the next morning, Dolittle must choose what his role will be in the yet-to-come.

This book is recommended for all audiences and is an excellent source for teaching at the family, middle school, high school, college and post-grad levels. It contains many historical, ethical/moral and legal references, questions, arguments and conversation-starters related to injustice in America, with a timeline on the African American experience. Beyond that, it’s a fun and interesting read!

An Old Negro Spiritual – ISBN – 978-1-941859-83-4, b/w 5.5 x 8.5, 168 pages, $12.95 USD

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