Proper Attire

“Every Girl’s Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man”

So what, you wear boots or tennis shoes with jeans everyday, and maybe a flannel shirt. Your fingernails are dirty, you always smell a little ripe, and you’ve got nosehairs tickling the top of your lips! You can tell me you are comfortable with who you are and that you’re not about to change for anybody. And me, I’m easy. I can live with it, but let’s be real.

Any woman of quality you want to date will expect you to look your best for her. Many women put in hours upon hours, spend untold amounts of money and are willing to endure physical pain to look good, if not for you, then for other women. So most women appreciate a man who takes the time to bathe regularly, to maintain decent grooming and hygiene, and women are especially impressed by a man who can plan, coordinate and pull-off his unique “look.”


If you don’t own a suit, you need to get one. It won’t go to waste. If you never have The Perfect Date, at least you’ll have something to be buried in. A decent suit will run you between $200 and $400, a nice pair of black shoes, $50 – $120, a watch, $50 – $150 and, if you don’t dress up often, these items will last you a few years. You’ll also want to want to invest in a few dress shirts and ties, a few pairs of casual slacks, shirts and shoes, and you’ll want to look into GQ and other magazines for mens’ fashion ideas.

If you are uncomfortable buying clothes, invite a fashionable friend along to offer input. And if all else fails, you can always hire The Perfect Date to help you perfect your look. You can also go online for ideas at Macy’sMen’s Wearhouse and Tommy Bahama.

Grooming and Hygiene

Let your hair blow in the wind, and all that. It’s okay. All you have to do is look neat when you have to look neat.    — Hedy Lamarr

Look, no one’s trying to change who you are. If you don’t like to comb your hair, then by all means, don’t comb it… unless you are going out on a  date. If you don’t feel like brushing your teeth, shaving, showering, trimming the nose-hairs or clipping your nails, that’s okay. But if you plan on going out on a date, you have to realize that there is another person involved, someone who has to look at you and smell you.

It is probably best to put yourself on a regular, set schedule. Haircut — twice a month, showering — every day, brushing teeth — two to three times a day, shaving and trimming — as necessary to remain neat, fingernails and toenails, once a week. And hygiene, beyond making you more pleasant to be around, is good for your health. (see hygiene and health)

Final Presentation

It’s the day of your date, and because you visit The Perfect Date website before any proposed  date, you are cool and in control. You’ll want to start getting ready no later than two hours before datetime. If the game’s on, leave it on. You’ll have time to check scores as you go.

You’ve already chosen what you are going to wear, and the chocolates or flowers for her are in the refrigerator. Your hair and nails are neatly trimmed and your shoes are shined. There’s gas in your clean car, because you took care of that in the morning. You have cash in your wallet for incidentals. Whether you take showers or baths, it does not matter. You’ve got time. After your body is clean and dry, apply moisturizers and a spray of subtle cologne. Take your time getting dressed.

Check yourself in the mirror, from six feet away, from three feet and then up-close. If there is another person around, get a second opinion. If you don’t have GPS, tuck the driving directions you printed from the Internet into a pocket and you are on your way.