Romance has been elegantly defined as
the offspring of fiction and love

When is the last time you went out on a truly incredible date? 

Okay, you’ve asked her out and she’s said “yes.” You’ve even picked out a day. Now what? Well, where will you take her for dinner? What will you do afterward? What topics will you discuss? What will make her find you intriguing and charming? How will you end the night? Will there be a next date, or more?

Going on The Perfect Date requires careful planning, creativity and, to a degree, a basic  appreciation of the person you will be going out with. Sounds daunting, but most people are not “professional daters” and have challenges when it comes to planning, especially men, who are expected to take the lead.

If your next date is too important to leave to chance, then it is time to rely on a creative dating specialist. It’s really simple. All you do is contact me and plan for a 30-45 minute sit-down or phone interview. Based on the information you give me, I will plan The Perfect Date for you. I am not a dating service, so you have to get her to say “yes” on your own, but I can help if you are trying to find a creative way to ask her out. Give it a try. Haven’t you wasted enough of your time and money?

Getting a Phone Number

You could take her to a fancy establishment and pay someone else to romance her…

This has sometimes been called “the cuckold’s default.” While managing an upscale restaurant in the California Capital, I came to realize that many men were simply too busy and unfamiliar with romance to pamper their wives, girlfriends and yes, their dates. So they brought them into posh restaurants and paid inflated prices and gratuities to people like me, hostesses and servers to do the job for them. It was a good general start, but creating The Perfect Date requires a greater degree of planning and attention to detail. Dinner, after all, is only part of the date.

What is The Perfect Date going to cost me?

That depends on how much perfection you want, the degree of planning involved, creativity, setting, flowers, before and afterthoughts, mood, food, drinks, dancing, entertainment and travel/lodging (if applicable).

Your Perfect Date will be a one-of-a-kind customized event. You could have a night out on the town, or we could set up the date in the intimacy of your home. You make the call.

In most instances, you pay a basic set-up fee of $200 plus the actual costs of the date. Second subsequent dates (with the same person, of course) will cost $100 – $150 per event.

But $200, you might say, — isn’t that a little expensive? Well, consider the cost of a failed date. You could easily spend $80 on dinner and another $70 on entertainment, only to have the date fizzle in the middle, or worse, at the end. And women love to talk – bad dates get you bad press. By contrast, The Perfect Date will help establish your reputation as a polished and debonair professional.

Consider the last two years. Over that time, how much money have you spent on dating/going out? Well, if you went on two dates per month and shelled out $60 on each date, you spent $2,640. Now ask yourself, how many of those dates were even memorable? If you are serious about having something meaningful, you owe it to yourself to give The Perfect Date a try!

Women can smell “a cheap man”

It’s probably better to stay home and admire sexy women on a computer screen rather than look stingy on a date. Either way, you’re alone at the end of the night. As a rule, you should have an idea about what you want to do and what you can afford before you ask her out.

That being said, The Perfect Date is not simply a matter of spending gobs of cash. Some women become suspicious and turned off by men who waste money. A good first date will usually involve a leisurely two-hour dinner at a nice restaurant, an hour of entertainment and a hour-long wind-down period.


What can one expect after The Perfect Date? Probably an excited, thoroughly-impressed woman for starts, and it only gets better from there. If you care enough about her to give her The Perfect Date, you obviously expect to see her again. If the chemistry is right, your patience will usually pay off.


Some guys simply don’t know how to pick em! So, if you hire me and I see you’ve run across a golddigger, a wino,  a drug addict, a wannabe prostitute, a scam artist, or you’re looking to waste your money on some bubble gum poppin, tennis shoe wearin, freeloading, escaped convict, and you don’t know any better, I’ll suggest to you up front you’re in the wrong place. I’ rather see you keep your money than spend it on someone unworthy of your expense and efforts. I try my best not to judge, but I don’t believe in “throwing pearls before swine.”

Your First Step

Think of someone you feel is worthy of taking on The Perfect Date. Think about what date you would like to have and ask her out. Then come back to this website, download the appropriate information forms and either call me or sign-up online. We’ll set up an interview time for you, and well get the ball rolling. It’s as simple as that. We look forward to working with you!