Pegasus Books… Submissions

Pegasus Books, writers have submission options. Submit your manuscript to us, and we will do an honest preliminary evaluation. If we feel the subject of the book is “high-concept” with an appeal to a significant number of readers, there is a reasonable chance we will offer you a publishing contract. We pay advances in only rare instances. Under contract, your book will be edited and formatted, a cover will be designed and you will receive final galleys for your approval prior to publishing. Once published, we will help you promote your book according to terms detailed in your contract.

If we feel the submission is incredible though it will require a significant amount of work, or the appeal is to more of a niche audience, we recommend submitting it to Parnassus Press Publishing, which is more a progressive press, involving true author/publisher collaboration. At Parnassus Press Publishing, basic publishing expenses are shared, though content editing and custom requests (if required) are not. In contrast to Pegasus Books, the Parnassus Press Publishing contract provides authors with a significantly larger share of earned royalties. Because niche offerings sell fewer books, we want developing authors to make more money per book sale.


If you are an aspiring author and you are determined to make writing your career, we are willing to work with you as you progress and grow. Our entire team of editors, writers and graphic design professionals will help you realize your greatest ambitions. If you are already an established writer and you would like to cultivate a long-term relationship with an understanding, accessible publisher that will be loyal to you and encourage your continued development and success, we warmly welcome you to join us.

We are looking for future best sellers and well written books in the following categories – Fiction: mystery/detective, thriller, adventure, literature, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, children’s and romance; Non-Fiction: academic, history, criticism, psychology, philosophy, religious and cultural, books, essays, theses and dissertations.

Submission Requirements for Pegasus Books:

1) Query Letter
2) Author Bio (please include phone number, mailing address and an author photo, if possible)
3) Submission Annotation – Synopsis
4) Manuscript File (Microsoft Word)

You must confirm that this is not a public domain work and that you hold the necessary publishing rights. A simple statement in your query letter will suffice for submissions.

If you want your work to be considered seriously, please present it in a professional manner. This means utilizing Spell Check and Grammar Check, eliminating useless adverbs and correcting obvious mistakes. Thank you for your submission!

We Are Currently Accepting Submissions by Referral Only