Murder From the Grave


Set in San Francisco, it’s the story of a serial killer whose perverse ambition is to murder seven people – after he is already dead! He can only do this by setting up the murders before he dies. His complaint: All the world’s greatest serial murder artists go to their graves unknown. The ones we know about, Bundy, Gacy, Ramirez, BTK, Ridgway and others – we know about them only because they got caught, so they weren’t the truly great ones.

This killer considers himself to be the best killer of all time, and he wants the world to know it. Because the planned murders are interdependent, with each killing setting of the next, the killer dares the secretive detective to either stop him or proclaim his genius to the world.

Former Berkeley criminal psychology professor-turned police detective Deuteronomy Saint Claire, convinced the letter is from the same killer who murdered his son, reluctantly accepts the premise and the challenge.

By preventing any one of the planned murders, the brilliant detective can interrupt the sequence and save lives, but only if the killer’s claim to murder from the grave is true. Using clues from the letters, the detective is determined to defeat the killer, and if his instincts prove true, solve the murder of his son.

425 pages ISBN – 978-0-9673123-1-6

Paperback $19.95 retail – $15.00 on this site

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