In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 4th marked the 47th anniversary of the unfortunate assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the time that has passed since that tragic day so long ago, we as  Americans, have mourned, honored loved and remembered that great man by making him only the second American whose birthday is celebrated as a national holiday. An yet, when today’s youth are asked what they know of the late Dr. King and what he believed, the answers are often shallow and inaccurate.

Sadly for many of us, Dr. King’s beliefs and philosophy have been forgotten or obscured by the passage of time, and that is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all. The things he spoke and believed are indeed meritorious of our consideration now perhaps as much as ever.

It can be argued that if Dr. King were to return to us today, he would indeed feel honored that his name has been remembered, but he would be grieved that the many important things he spoke have not. It is certainly interesting to wonder what Dr. King would have to say if he returned to us today. No doubt he would have a message for all of us. He would share with all of us…


Proposed as a full-length feature movie, this film is provocative and thoroughly entertaining. It contains Dr. King’s message to today’s youth and a trip for all of us to a country not entirely unlike our own. For a fact, we are traversed through time to our own Birmingham, Alabama of 1963. Dr. King is much more than a name to remember. He was a man who was committed to great ideas.

Dr. King is no longer with us, but I am committed, in this film, to make sure his ideas, as he spoke them, always are. This is a film that will keep the dream of Dr. King alive for this generation and for generations to come. Just as I am not alone in my great respect for the things he spoke, I cannot by myself, immortalize them in film. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Let us work together to keep alive his… Dream.

Read a few scenes from “Dream” film