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Congratulations, Author! You have just completed a book for children. It is an engaging, thoroughly-entertaining story with a great message. What next? Well, the good news is that authors have never in history had more or better options available for publishing and promoting new books. Of course, with so many options available, sometimes it becomes difficult to determine the best way forward for you and your hard-wrought new offering. At Pegasus Pony, we do not claim to have all the answers and we might not be the best publishing partner in every circumstance, but please take a minute or two with us to examine why we might be the ideal publisher for your children’s book.

First of all, Pegasus Pony will always strive to remain on the cutting edge in the exciting and ongoing transformation of the publishing industry. Just think of it: less than five short years ago, eBooks were relatively unknown to readers and print-on-demand was frowned upon by many book distributors and bookstores. Now, many of the most noted brick-and-mortar (traditional) publishers utilize POD for its obvious cost advantages, while inexpensive, easy-to-produce audiobooks loom large on the horizon. The driving forces behind many of the changes are innovation and digital technology.

We believe our publishing model represents the future of the children’s book industry and the overall book industry over the years to come. By utilizing the best publishing technology advantages offered today and a forward-thinking, more author-involved attitude toward publishing, we set ourselves apart. What makes us different?

Publisher/Author Collaboration—in today’s market, as many authors examine self-publishing and assisted self-publishing (Amazon’s CreateSpace, GoogleBooks, etc.), few stop to consider that publishing involves more than merely printing books. At Pegasus Pony, the collaboration begins long before the first book rolls off the presses. From the moment that we decide to publish your book, we begin by examining your author platform, your book’s market appeal and marketing plan, book buying trends and the book’s overall presentation. From the beginning, we realize that there is no better expert on the book, its background and its author than the writer of that book. For the books we decide to publish, we require author involvement from submission-to-bookstore. We believe this collaboration is the future of successful children’s books.

Our Publishing Team—aided by technology, we are able to draw the best talent from diverse backgrounds, languages and geographical locales. Although Pegasus Pony is located in Los Angeles, California, we are able to hire and work with children’s book editors and graphic artists from India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Morocco. We want our books to appeal to children all over the world. Though “out of many,” our vision is singular: to use every resource available, anywhere in the world, in order to make the most of every book that we publish.

Cutting-Edge Technologies—as authors, it is your job to consider your audience and to research and write “high-concept” books that appeal to enough readers to make your books profitable. As publishers, it is our job to keep up with the latest advances in not just publishing books, but in getting books into the hands and devices of the people who will buy and read them. One such example involves “metadata.” While many authors (and publishers, unfortunately) do not understand the importance of metadata, advanced author platforms and other relevant publishing technologies, we are constantly researching the latest advances and trends in order to see the future of publishing, if not help shape the future of publishing.

So thank you, Author, for taking the time to hear a little about who we are at Pegasus Pony. Please feel free to navigate through our entire website, which will grow with regular updates and the useful new material, blogs and articles that we will add over time.

If you are interested in submitting a children’s book to us, please read and follow our submission guidelines listed on the Submit Your Work page of our website.

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