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The New Face of Publishing

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The current state of the publishing industry reports of the death of book publishing, like those of music publishing and newspaper publishing, are greatly exaggerated. Business models will change, companies will come and go, and people will lose their jobs. But at the end of the process, there will be fewer people who will be paid higher incomes to produce a wider array of products at lower prices. There’s a word for that — progress — and it’s exciting to see it unfold right in front of us.

Steven Pearlstein, Business and Economy Columnist – The Washington Post

Opening the Door to Opportunity

Since its inception in 1998, Pegasus Books has anticipated a publishing industry that would evolve from a system of tradition and exclusivity to one of access and opportunity for thousands of good writers who, despite literal lifetimes of effort, were simply unable to break into a system built on cronyism, luck and institutional favoritism. On the other hand, there were the vanity presses, places where no accomplished, self-respecting writer would sacrifice his or her hard-wrought work. As a result, many great writers with incredible works were locked out of the process.

Fortunately, the creation and availability of desktop publishing applications and Print-on-Demand providers have changed the course of a reluctant multi-billion dollar industry, and the Internet continues to influence that change. As a result, there are more opportunities now than ever for writers, published and unpublished, for those with agents or on their own.

We believe the huge, corporate, brick-and-mortar publishers have become too risk adverse to even consider the work, however brilliant, of an unestablished writer or an author who has little history of book sales. By the same token, we believe many of the companies that help authors self-publish are mainly concerned with the fees they can extract in exchange for services and provide little to nothing beyond basic book publishing. There is a better way.

At Pegasus Books, we believe there are thousands of incredibly talented writers worldwide who are frustrated as the years go by, because they have never even gotten a shot, a mere opportunity, to put their work before the world. As publishers, we cannot help every writer, but our goal is to provide opportunities for authors, established or unknown, and to give their work the best possible prospect for success through Author Platforms and through international distribution channels reaching 40,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners in 195 countries. Our international eBook distribution includes Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Diesel, Kobo, Oyster and all other eBook platforms.

Pegasus Books is a traditional medium-sized press, dedicated to publishing the works of aspiring new authors and  providing greater opportunities and support to established writers by being at the vanguard of this transformation. We only expect our authors to match our passion and dedication to producing high-quality books and related products. We want our readers to enjoy consistently creative, thoughtful works in their many formats.